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The impact of Approved School Wear:  Builds confidence and self-esteem
 Promotes creativity and individuality
 Creates feelings of awareness and belonging
 Raises student and teacher expectations
 Has a positive impact on standardized test scores
 Boosts school attendance
 Increases school safety
 Eases the morning routine at home
 Diminishes violence, theft, and assault
 Reduces peer pressure and gang presence
 Appreciated by parents who value quality and economy

Until recently, school uniforms were typically seen only in private institutions. Now, however, Approved School Wear÷or dress codes specifying particular colors and styles÷are prevalent in most major school districts throughout the United States.

The current uniform trend first began in urban areas in which district schools were experiencing problematic behavior. These districts successfully improved their school environments through programs that included the implementation of dress codes with uniform colors and styles.

Shortly after the success of these urban school districts, several nearby suburban districts initiated uniform programs as well. Stricter dress codes are now at work in school systems nationwide.

Student-teacher relationships improve in equal measure with every student who is dressed in uniform. All students have an equal chance to excel academically, without bias. Student performance both in class and on standardized tests has increased accordingly.
School uniforms also foster a professional appearance. They promote positive feelings both within and between students and teachers. Uniforms encourage and promote a sense of purpose, hope, and security.

Uniforms relieve the pressure students face in having to focus on whether they will fit in with their peers. With uniform policies, students can focus instead on their studies÷as well as on personal growth. And with a dress code in place, the morning routine at home flows more smoothly between parent and child.

Finally, there are tremendous economic benefits to the use of school uniforms. Uniforms are less expensive and more cost-effective. They also create a sense of equality and unity among students regardless of their economic status.